Dolphins Photography

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It takes quite a lot of effort and photography skills to capture picture perfect shot of dolphins underwater. Even if they are on surface, they are so fast that it become very difficult for the photographer to take their pictures. On this page we have collection of images that shows how beautiful these sea creatures

Dolphins Species: Lern About Different Types

Beautiful Blue Water Dolphin Photo

Around the world in different oceans and rivers there are total 36 different types of Dolphins species are found. Majority of these species lives in saltwater of oceans and only 4 of them are found in freshwaters of rivers. In oceans Dolphins are generally found in the shallow water of the coast where the weather

Dolphins Information: In-depth and Comprehensive Resources

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In terms of Dolphins’ habitat, they are able to live in both saltwater and fresh water and that is why they are found in oceans and rivers as well. However, there are only 4 species of dolphins that are able to live in freshwater of rivers. In saltwater they generally like to swim around the

Interesting Dolphin Facts You Should Know

Dolphins Baby

Dolphins are of the rare mammals that are known for their intelligence and that is why they are loved and adored by human. They are highly adaptive and learn things faster than any other sea creature known to humans. They are quite fascinating in different ways, for example you must have seen those dolphin shows